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Name's Pat (18) and I'm from Germany. This little blog is about the things I like, mostly music but also random stuff. As you might have noticed, I create gifs, by using a program called GifCam. Furthermore I like to write poems, which are, due to my lack of creativity in English language, mostly in German. I consider myself a Straight Edge person and an atheist. If you want to come to know me better you can always ask me something.

Reblog if it’s okay to befriend you, ask questions, ask for advice, rant, vent, let something off your chest, or just have a nice chat.

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How many followers do you have? To the nearest 100.

I have about 300 followers.

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Do you speak spanish? I like your tumblr, kisses from Argentina!

Thanks a lot. :)
But no, I don’t speak spanish. In school, I had to choose between french and spanish and I took french for some reason I can’t remember.

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Wenn die Flieg’ ein Menschlein wär

Ach, wenn die Flieg’ ein Menschlein wär
(Oh, if the fly would be a human)
So, flöge sie doch nirg’s umher
(It couldn’t fly at all)
Jetzt müsst’ sie gehen wie ein jeder
(It would has to walk like everyone else)
Sie kriegt Applaus für ihre Fehler
(Making mistakes and getting applause)

Sie wundert sich, wie ihr geschah
(It wonders what has happened)
So wurd’ ihr Wunsch doch plötzlich wahr
(As its wish came suddenly true)
Die Flügel wurden ihr gekappt
(The wings got torn apart)
Der Wunsch vom Fliegen neu entfacht
(Rekindling the wish to fly)

Mocht’ sie doch immer größer sein
(It always wanted to be bigger)
So macht die Größe sie jetzt klein
(But its own size draws itself down)
Tausend Facetten von Einsamkeit
(Thousand facets of loneliness)
Strahlen nach außen, machen sich breit
(Shining to the outside, spreading themselves)

Ach, wenn der Mensch ein Flieglein wär
(Oh, if the human would be a fly)
So sehe er doch ungefähr
(It would roughly realizes)
Wie sein Eintagsflug ein Ende nimmt
(How its one-day flight comes to an end)
Und wie das Leben am Tag beginnt
(And that life will start at dawn)

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Green Day- Boulevard of Broken Dreams


Green Day- Boulevard of Broken Dreams